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yippee for a vintage stove!!

A while back my husband mat found a photo of an antique stove and I fell in love!! I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t really like to cook, but I am a huge fan of vintage anything. So I went on a hunt to find it…..

I lucked out and came across one for sale on ebay, from a guy in Texas. It had been his grandma’s and she had purchased it in 1954. It ended up costing us more to have it shipped than the actual stove did, but we still got an awesome deal. We arrived about a week ago and it looks amazing! Though you vintage lovers out there might like to see it. We also have the original instructions and cookbook that came with it. 😀

It’s a Chambers 90C….apparently Rachel Ray has one on her show? I don’t watch so I found that out in research.

It’s in excellent condition…..just waiting to get it into our new home! Check it out….

  • bethany cox - swwwwooooooooooonnnnnnnnn. im in love im in love in in LOVE

  • Tess - Oooooh! Love it:)

  • April Silverthorn - That is so super cool! My grandparents have a stove just like this and it’s too cute!

  • juliet - me too bethany! i can’t wait to cook on it….well, sort of. haha

  • juliet - that is so cool april!

  • Christine Chambers - i love vintage anything too! I LOVE your new stove, so pretty!!! 🙂

  • Betsy - That is so cool… I love it!