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Whitney Ann {Bridal Portraits Charleston SC}

People who know me, know portraits are one of my favorite things to shoot! It’s such a great time for the bride to get comfortable in her gown, enjoy wearing a dress she took the time to pick out, and feel like a bride! I always want everyone I work with to have memories of this time in their lives, not just a portrait to hang on the wall. Bridals are a chance to collaborate and it really helps me get to know who I’m working with (just like engagement sessions!).

Oh how much I love Whitney Ann! She is sweet and funny and so is her family. I just loved working with them last year! I am always behind on blogging, so today I thought I’d start my day by sharing a few photos from her portrait session. Whitney loves and rides horses, so this was a perfect location to photograph her bridal portraits. The light was soft and ethereal that day – my favorite! The “mood” in the first 2 images are probably my favorite of the day…thoughtful & beautiful.

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  • Jenny Brockmann - awesome dress! beautiful photos, as always, Juliet!

  • Ann Reid - Bet you never forget that day! Thanks for putting these on Facebook! They are gorgeous.