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Wearing mom’s dress

I loved it when Amanda told me she wanted to do a shoot wearing her mom’s wedding dress! I had wanted to do the same thing with my mom’s dress and never got around to it. Maybe one day. 🙂 It took us 3 years to plan this! Amanda and Jeremy got married almost 3 years ago, but because of Jeremy’s navy schedule and them living in Virginia, it was really difficult to get together. I was SO excited to see them again! They have a special place in my heart because their wedding was my first ever out-of-state wedding. Amanda did a great job recreating her pop’s tux too! She said it was much harder than she thought to get all the details together. BUT she did it and I loved it.

Amanda and Jeremy, thank you so much for making the drive, spending the afternoon with me and our awesome conversations. I love you guys.


  • Juliet Elizabeth Photography - LOVED doing this shoot for Amanda ‘Hoeft’ Smith & Jeremy P. Smith in vintage wedding attire!

  • Jenni Barfuss - LOVE!

  • Juliet Elizabeth Jones - thank you for sharing jenniboo! 😀

  • Mikell Smith Sheehan - Love it! What a great idea!

  • Jeremy P. Smith - You’re an amazing person and friend Juliet! I can’t wait til we can hang out again!!!!

  • Lora Lewis Smith - I am in AWE! This is one of the most beautiful Photos. I don’t say that because they are my kids either. Juliet I am forever Grateful of the memories you helped Jeremy and Amanda create. Because of your gift, talent, We will all be able to enjoy that wonderful day for many years to come. Thankful you were a special part of that day.

  • Kellie - Beautiful picture! I LOVE that dress!

  • Kellie Luke - Beautiful picture! I LOVE that dress!

  • Juliet Elizabeth Jones - thank you jeremy! you guys need to come back and visit again! we will go out to folly! 😀

  • Juliet Elizabeth Jones - me too!!! her mom has great taste. 🙂

  • Juliet Elizabeth Jones - lora! thank you—-i had beautiful subjects so i really couldn’t go wrong. 🙂 i loved being a part of the wedding and still being a part of their lives. I love how God puts people together. It’s just so awesome! 🙂