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Hi Everyone 🙂

I have something I wanted to share with you all. I’m going out on a limb here so bear with me. If you’ve ever felt the need to constantly stay busy like you can’t slow down, I can relate.

I always feel the need to GO GO GO! Part of this is a personality trait…I am super driven and love to have projects! The only problem with this is that I’ve never learned how to really slow down and just “be.” I feel the need to constantly do something constructive.

Why are we afraid to stop? Why can’t we just sit and meditate, listen to the birds and watch the waves crash on the beach for longer than 10 minutes? It’s a really good question and one I recently asked God while I prayed.

I was at my family’s beachhouse and decided once and for all to address this. (You’d think at a beachhouse I’d automatically relax….not so!).

So I prayed. My conversation with God went something like this. “God? I have had problems with anxiety and feeling melancholic off and on my whole life. What am I missing here? What can I do about this? Please help.”

I took out a journal and started to write:

“It just occurred to me that I need to worship God differently. When we step back and away from our lives and what surrounds us, it’s obvious WHO we need to give thanks to. Why we are here in the first place. It’s so easy to forget that God surrounds us daily while we work, interact and live our daily lives. I guess somehow I always separated life from death(afterlife), but I shouldn’t. It’s almost like I feel the 2 are connected–seamlessly. I think just realizing this is the first step in understanding “who” God is and why we are here. Becoming closer to Him and Jesus.”

A peace came over me and I realized the importance that everything we do in this life will affect us later. This may seem like a strange answer to my question but it made total sense to me. My anxiety was thinking I have to do so much smashed all into a small timeframe and that I have been feeling the affects of what is around me….the world runs at an insane pace! Everything is way too fast. We all need to slow down and focus more on Who made us, the relationships we have and ones we could have. Taking time to influence people and simply just love them.

I’ll leave you with an inspiring message HERE.

  • Matt - I love this. I love your perspective and honesty – thanks for sharing!

    I read another photog’s blog this morning ( and in different words, it spoke the same message you’re telling. I loved what he had to say. But even more, I loved the picture of the woman. Alone time…quiet alone time. How rare is that?

    I love how photography provides a unique experience and avenue into people’s lives that allows us the opportunity to bless them.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  • JerriR - Juliet I share your sentiments and unfortunately your personality traits as well. I, too, am trying no live life differntly! Thanks for this post!