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I just received an email from a gal named Kelly who is an oil painter. She wants to get into photography to “take photos that capture life and emotions.”

Thanks for writing Kelly!

Q: What photosoftware do you prefer?

A: I use Lightroom2 and Photoshop CS4. Lightroom is super intuitive, and is awesome for correcting skin tones, adding contrast, selecting your favorites, and batch editing: For instance if you have a group of photos that you shot in similar lighting, you can editing one and then batch edit the rest to match. I usually end up tweeking them, but it’s a good way to not have to do all of them one by one.

I also always shoot in Raw. It takes up more room on my cards, but I just keep alot of cards on hand! I prefer this vs. jpg because it retains more information/detail. Wikipedia explains this here.

Photoshop is great for the artistic edits. I use some actions and mix them together sometimes. It’s personal preference in how the final product looks. People ask me all the time about the “vintage” effect. I refrain from specifics because I think that is an artist’s eye. It’s like telling someone exactly what colors, types of paints, brushes and technique you used to paint your favorite picture. It has to come from that artist’s heart! I am not helping anyone telling them “exactly” what I do. We all have to find that. 🙂

Q: What’s the best camera?

A: I am not sure there is a “best” camera, but I prefer Canon. Everyone has their favorite! I shoot with a 5d mark 2. Canon lenses are amazing. My 50 mm, f/1.2 is my absolute favorite lens!!!!