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Sarah and Chris tied the knot! :D

Chris and Sarah are both super musical people, so when I found out they were planning “secret surprises” for each other on the wedding day — one being songs and playing instruments –i was excited! I love music and I wanted to see what they were going to do! Turns out, Sarah was going to sing a song I have been learning in my voice lessons! We talked about it and she went before the wedding to my teachers house and did a “run through” of the song. I love it!

Chris ended up playing drums for a few songs with their awesome wedding band “the Travis Allison Band,” and a few songs on guitar with his buddies. So much fun. They are both super talented! I loved seeing them incorporate this into the reception.

This wedding at Alhambra hall was alot of fun. Hot day, but still a blast! There were alot of happy tears and laughter.

I had so much fun documenting this day. Thanks Sarah and Chris! Your day was beautiful. 😀

  • Jen Baltzegar - I love all of the pics! What a great wedding!