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Alot of my friends have asked me lately how the renovations were going. I just say, “well it’s “going”.” haha! My hubby had been gone this summer to shaw air force base for 2 months, so alot of things got put on hold. For someone who is a bit a.d.d. like me, it has been a little challenging…things are out of place, nothing has been neat or in order. I wouldn’t say I’m the neatest, but organization is important to me! It helps me keep my head on straight. 😀

So, taking on an old home is not for the impatient. Even though I had always wanted to live in a cute little home, I had NO idea the work that had to be put in. HGTV makes it seem so easy! LOL.

I will say though, it’s worth it. We are really starting to love this little cottage. It is taking on a cuteness, home-y-ness that I longed for. I love that we can put our stamp on it and add as we go. While I’d love for everything to be done, it’s kind of cool to see the progression, and do a bit at a time.

I think I may have posted a few of these before but I am showing them again to give you a perspective!

Here is the bathroom when the owners were here:Then after they moved out:During renovations:
And now! Minus of course light fixtures and a mirror……

Here is the upstairs space for a new bathroom….all of this was ripped out, down to the studs!Please ignore the lack of a light fixture here. ha! On the list….The lovely attic before….Not sure who took this photo but you can get the idea of the mess!
Where I spend most of my time…..The kitchen when the owners were here:When they moved out…..The kitchen now:

This is from a company called Big Chill. It’s a replica of an old frig! (The makeshift curtain in the doorway is because we are sleeping in the dining room! haha). Last but not least….the little sitting room before:

And now…. 

SO what’s next?? LOTS! Living room, dining room, bedrooms and studio. Oh, and landscaping. That’s a story in itself. The house was overgrown with plants and trees…..We are having it cleared and starting over. Hope this inspires you! It can be done….with a little patience and creative vision.

  • Kate Barnette - Um, amazing! I love your style! The bathroom and the kitchen are my favorites! Love all the white. If that were my house, the white would be grey with a splash of playdough-blue and lipstick-red within a few months thanks to my lovely children. You enjoy the beautiful white for me! 😉

  • isabelle - I am IMPRESSED! Wow! I love the before and after photos. Keep updating us, your loyal fans 🙂

  • Leslie Walker - OMG Juliet its amazing!!! 🙂 I want to come stay!! 🙂

  • holly - So beautiful!! It’s really charming and I love all your little accents! The kitchen really blew me away- what a transformation. Great job and I can’t wait to see more (and you)!!

  • Jenni - I absolutely LOVE your house Juliet!! Beautiful job!

  • Emily - I am OBSESSED!! Esp. with that upstairs bathtub and that gorgeouuuus kitchen!! Great work!

  • Jessie - I love the kitchen, and the ceiling in the bathroom!!!!

  • bethany - OMG JULIET!!! I love love love love love love it so much! I wanna come over and take a bath and cook a meal! ha! I think I should meet you first of course. Well done Juliet.

  • Rachel - oh my gosh! I LOVE everything!!

  • Allison - Can you be my interior designer after you shoot the wedding?? LOVE!!

  • Estee - Juliet! Cyber high five! It looks amazing, you did such an incredible job, definitely worth the chaos and mess. Well Done! May you have lots of happy memories in your house 🙂

  • tim willoughby - You are the best. Seriously the best. Thanks so much Juliet.
    ANd your house looks insanely cool. Very jealous 🙁

  • juliet - Thanks you guys SO MUCH!! We are loving it! We have alot left to do but it’s very cool to see a little cottage with our own “stamp” on it. I need to have a party when all of this is done! 😀

  • Megan - It.looks.AWESOME! Can’t wait to see more!!

  • Sarah - I love everything you did, especially the kitchen! LOVE white kitchens!

  • Juliet Jones - Hi Juliet! Great name by the way 🙂 Just googled my own name and found your site! How amazing, we have the same name with a similar sense of style. Love what you have done with your house! Its is lovely!