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A few years ago I told my husband that I thought we should start eating organic food. My mom had been diagnosed with cancer for a few years before, and I just had this bad “feeling” about what we are all eating and that it might be making us sick. At the same time I became really angry at not knowing where in the world all the money that is raised for cancer research really is going. We are trying to treat the symptoms but no one is taking a stand on researching the causes!

My husband really didn’t want much to do with organic because of how unbelievably expensive it is. He felt that way until one day he “happened” to come across this film called “the world according to monsanto.”  He sat and watched the entire thing, and was so disturbed by it, told me he was ALL for organic. We’d buy better food, cut back somewhere else.

We both decided to get the word out to friends and family. I sent the link to everyone I knew. I think ONE person watched. I am doing a blog post, in hopes I can reach more people and we can become educated on this. PLEASE start to think about what you are putting in your body….beyond the obvious that smoking and tanning beds are bad for you, question things you are buying and eating. Money drives people and unfortunately big companies have power to keep things from us and this is so disconcerting. I realize this may not be the “only” problem with cancer, but I believe it’s a huge part. Chemicals were NEVER meant to be in our bodies.

This week I read in 2 completely different publications about a film coming out next month called “Food Inc.” I have a feeling it’s going to be very similar in exposing Food corporations. See below. Please watch this and the link above.

  • Kelly Rawls - Juliet, I’m definitely going to watch the youtube video when I get back from our honeymoon. I’m all for organic foods and I need more of a reason to fork out the cash. Thank you for posting this on your site!! See you soon in Charleston!

  • ashley b - I am going to watch that film for sure!
    Thanks for sharing 😉