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Please please please read.

There have been times in my life that I just want to stand up on a huge hill and  YELL at the top of my lungs, something that I know everyone needs to hear.

I have told the story before that a few years ago when my mom’s cancer got very bad, inside I started to feel like something was wrong with our food. This was not something I read, or heard. It was an intuitive thing. Since then I have watched “the world according to monsanto,” “Super size me,” and more recently “Food Inc.” I am horrified at what people and companies in the world will do for money and power. I am also completely disgusted at how this power controls the people we think are watching out for us. Hasn’t it occurred to ANYONE that cancer, diabetes and autism statistics are through the roof? We are treating the symptoms and not the problem.

Please, I’m asking, no, BEGGING you to watch Food Inc. One person cannot make a difference in this–it’s got to be all of us standing up for what’s right… for our lives, health and health of our loved ones.


  • ashley b - I totally agree Juliet.
    We have to drive an hour both ways to get our organic groceries…but we do it. That movie changed the way that I eat.
    I know you will be proud to know that I haven’t had any splenda in over 3 weeks…I might pay 5 bucks for jelly…but I feel much better about a pb & j now. We need to yell from the rooftops….HELL NO GMO!