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On being creative…

Most photographers I know have other “outlets” they pursue creatively. Something I realized last year was that I was working SO much, I had no time for myself or anything outside of my job.

I believe it’s SO important to have other hobbies and be creative in more than one way. It will keep you open minded, see things you may have never noticed before.

Something you may not know about me is I LOVE to sing! I grew up in a family that listened to music constantly. My sisters and I somehow taught ourselves how to harmonize, just by ear. It was so much of my life, and so therapeutic. I think there is a reason people sing in church. Music affects and moves us.

I walked through our “sitting” room last night (that is not being used for anything right now really except to store all of my sewing supplies, (and that is another story), and passed my guitar. I took lessons a while back and got too busy to stick with it. I thought, I have GOT to learn to play that thing, and sing, even if it’s just for me! I emailed my buddy Chris, and asked if he’d be open to teaching me. He said yes! I am so excited. I am putting this out there on my blog so you guys can hold me accountable. HAHA!  🙂

Thank you SO MUCH Chris for being open to helping me! I am grateful.