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Me… work

Sometimes I actually get to see myself working! 🙂

My husband and I recently shot a wedding in Maine and he came along and videotaped part of it. I thought alot about how much I’d like to share that part of my job because it will let people see exactly what I do, how I’m interacting and relating. I may eventually get my hubs to follow me on a shoot, document it and then share it here! I always have so much fun with people I work with, and what better way to show it than though photos or a video.

This (below) is from a local charleston wedding I did recently, taken by a friend of the bride. (I put my own “vintage” edit on them). Tori was a beautiful and sweet bride and I loved this moment of her alone in gorgeous window light. Below the photo of me shooting is what I was actually capturing….. Ahhh soft, natural light. I just love it!!

I can’t wait to edit this wedding. Stay tuned!