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I’m still here. :D

WOW…I just realized the last time I posted was thanksgiving! Sorry y’all!

I have been a bit overwhelmed trying to catch up on edits, and then my hubs and I finally took a much needed few days off to Tybee Island, GA! My first vacation of the year….

So what’s new?

We are in the middle of renovations on our new fixer-upper home on James Island, and I am having so much fun with it! Mat found this awesome site called “,” where we have gotten some amazing ideas for decor and renovations. The home was built in 1950, but is a 1940’s style….We are trying to keep decor close to the era it was built. I am really stoked about an old “chambers” stove I found on Ebay! This guy was selling it from his Grandma’s home, who had it in the 50s. Through research, I have found there are companies that restore these old stoves, and there is one about 5 hours from our home, so we can let them restore parts of the stove for us…

If you’re interested, here are some photos of the house before we bought it & the start of the demolition. We are keeping the original bathroom tile and bathtub downstairs. The upstairs attic will have a bathroom with a clawfoot tub.

I will keep you all updated on renovations!

  • Rachel - I recognize those trees – I LOVE that neighborhood! Can’t wait to see the after pics. Congrats on the house and happy holidays to you!

  • Gina Calvin - So excited to see the final renovation!! Love your ideas about the vintage stove and the original looking cabinets!

  • bethany cox - i smell potential

  • Ashley Ritchie - Juliet this is going to be a beauty! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.