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Hooray! My husband is HOME!

For those of you who didn’t know, my husband Mat has been in Iraq since december. I am so excited today that he came home!! (can you tell by my face?!). I took my camera to the airport and this super nice man offered to take a photo of both of us. I love how we are ignoring that big sign in the back.

Yay for Mat! I’m SO proud of you!!!!

  • Jennifer Adams - Hi Juliet,
    I found your fabulous site by way of Liz Duren’s site..I am crazy about looking at photographer’s blogs..especially weddings..kinda got hooked when I was searching for a wedding photog last summer..Anyway..wanted to say my husband is gone as well to Afghanistan..he will be home in a few weeks..I know what you are feeling and I am so glad your husband made it home safely..

  • Darrell Brock - I wish I would have known he was coming home. I would have loved to shoot the reunion. Anyway, happy he’s home!!!

  • isabelle - woo hoo! You guys look so happy and I’m glad that you ignored the sign 🙂
    Nice man at the airport took a nice photo!

  • ashley b - Congrats Juliet!!
    I am so glad he is home.
    This is always like a honeymoon again!!
    Enjoy him and every minute of it!!!
    God Bless you guys!

  • ashley b - btw…don’t you look cute!

  • Kelly Fountain - Yay Juliet!! I can’t even imagine how happy you are!! Thank you for EVERYTHING you did to make my wedding weekend so special!! I hope you enjoy this special time with your hubby!

  • Nancy Ray - juliet!!! i know you are so thankful he is home. it is so sweet to see you two together! {& CUTE dress!}