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Giving credit where it’s due

Alot of people ask me how I got into photography. I love sharing my story! I have always been a super artsy girl, from the time I was little. Music and art are in my soul and I am moved and affected by them both.

Photography was a hobby for me and an awesome outlet. It seemed perfect for me to do portraits….I have a love for people and for bridal portraits I was able to add my love for fashion! When I started getting requests for weddings I thought it was odd….I never thought about it. I kept saying no, until finally one day (probably the 8th request for this) I started to consider it. I had been actually doing hair for weddings as my main job, and I was ready for a change….so I was ready for something different. But weddings? Wow…that was something to think about.

There was a specific day where God really got my attention. I actually got pulled over for speeding! haha. I was so mad (even though it was clearly my fault). But….I sat in my car and heard loud and clear,” SLOW DOWN Juliet! I’ve been trying to get your attention but you aren’t listening. I want you to stop what you’re doing and change your focus.” I knew right then that my path was about to change and I was about to start another career.

People who knew me asked, “why in the world would you give up a successful career in hair?!!! You are booked constantly…..You’re entering into a profession that is completely saturated with other photographers already.” So, to most people it made no sense. To me, it made perfect sense. What I loved so much about my “hair” job, wasn’t so much the hair part, but my love for people. I had been wanting to give more of myself, and something more “lasting.” Beauty is temporary, memories are forever. I was elated.

I have had a few conversations with friends recently about why we do this. I am so completely honored when people tell me they love my work or want me to be a part of their wedding. I will though, never take credit for any talent in what I do. God has given me a gift and I’m using it! He gets all the credit.  It’s easy to get caught up in this world, in ourselves. It’s so important to look outside of all of this and realize there is much much more. We didn’t just land here by accident, and it’s so important to look beyond our daily stuff, to think about what it is we are here to do.

I am completely blessed and thank God every day that I am doing something I love, I am surrounded by the most amazing people in this town and the couples that hire me, and I will never ever take that for granted.

  • Kesia - Julie,

    I must admit, I thought the same thing when you said you were going to stop doing hair completely and do nothing but photography. The hair thing was established, safe and predictable. I thought, wow, she should at least hold on to doing the hair thing part-time in case the photography thing does not work. I mean, what a bold step. But you know what? That would not have required any faith and God desires our complete and total trust in Him. You trusted Him and he blessed you just as He blessed Abraham and so many others in the Bible who placed their trust in God. I am so proud of you and look up to you for your encouragement and inspiration!!


  • Mat - Juliet, I am so proud of you for taking a bold step in your career and answering God’s call. And I know your clients are pretty happy you chose photography too 🙂

  • Joshua Drake - That is a very encouraging personal testimony. I think you do incredible work and I am stoked to learn that you are a believer too. Keep up the inspirational work.