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FAQ…..a beginning

Hi all!!

I would first like to start this section with a “disclaimer,” and express that I will never claim to know it all. I think I received my first email from someone asking me to mentor them while I was only a year into this. I was kind of shocked and told them I was still learning!

I think though, we are ALL learning. I believe that’s what makes a great artist, one that’s always looking for different ways to do things, express themselves, connect with others. I intuitively thought that when I made my first post about doing an FAQ section, there may be other experienced photographers out there saying to themselves,”WHO does she think she is?” Ahhhhh, if we always worried about what other people thought in this life, we’d never try or do anything! And besides, I feel part of my purpose is to be loving, helpful and kind. To share what I know and what works for “me.”

This business is about people. Relationships with them, whether it’s a client (I prefer to call them “my new friends”), or a fellow photographer. I read somewhere, that we should never want to become a photographer to be famous or make millions.

We should do it because we love people and want to make a difference. That’s my philosophy.

So here I am! Ready to take this on. I hope it helps you in some way! Feel free to keep questions coming….drop me an email ( It doesn’t have to be about photos…it can be personal, business, anything. I’ll do my best to post your questions and answer them. I can’t wait to hear from you. 🙂

  • Caroline - I totally know who that first email was from
    heeheehee : )

  • juliet - das right girl! and you are amazing. 😀