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Decorating and Renovation!! Updates…..

Happy Tuesday!!! YES, 2 posts in a row. I’m kind of in disbelief myself. 😀
Today is a big day for my hubby Mat and I! We are cleaning out the garage because it’s about to be knocked down! The demolition is about to begin this week, and the plans to build the studio are FINALLY here. Whew! What an undertaking. If renovating an old home wasn’t enough, this is like building another small home.

I always dreamed of having an old home….something we could put our “stamp” on. I didn’t realize though, how much patience and time it would take (especially when trying to run 2 businesses at the same time). I am pretty excited  and wanted to share some updates with you guys.

If you didn’t see my original post about the renovation, you can go here:
and this is a post about the stove I found on ebay:

If you love old things with a “history,” these photos are definitely for you. Decorating this house has been alot of fun but also an interesting task! I am finally in a home that I can mix things up–which for an artist is a dream. It’s a bit hard though to have a specific vision and find “exactly” what you like in every room. I have though, found some really cool stuff along the way, either by chance or just digging for weeks. (or from amazing friends who know me well!). 😀
We aren’t completely done… We also don’t have all of our light fixtures! Yes, lightbulbs are still hanging from the ceiling. Mat and I refuse to pay a gazillion dollars for these, so we are taking our time.

Hope you enjoy these! 😀


One of the things that sold us on this home is the street! It’s lined with huge old oaks, and this one is in our front yard. The guys at Strock Enterprises have been amazing! We LOVE them and will sing their praises forever. The nicest guys you’ll ever want to work with. They did this new porch for us, redid the “scalloping” on the trim and are managing the new studio/garage. Here is a little view of the old garage and side room! This will be gone in a few days!!I had been searching high and low for a “mid century modern” buffet. I found this randomly in a thrift store in mt. pleasant!! $179. I couldn’t believe it. Everywhere else I had looked, they were around $1000. We are “making do” (as my mom would say) with an old table and chairs for the dining room right now, until we have money for a new one. This “tablecloth” is material my friend Katherine gave me. She has such great taste! I loved the green….just need to stitch the edges. The master bedroom……my plan is to paint this bed blue. Don’t ask–haha! I found a photo of an old bed online that was blue, and it just stuck in my head! What can I say? I love blue.

The guest room…..This milkglass lamp has been in my family for a long time. I grew up with it in my room and have always loved it! I think it was originally at my grandma “mimi’s” house.My friend Kelly gave this to me! She hand painted it and I just love it!! She’s super crafty. (but not like the beastie boys).My guitar (yup, I am practicing!), and awesome owls my friend Holly gave me. (we did repaint the walls). We decided it was too mcdonald’s for our taste. ha!I bought this little picture holder at Pier One. I may changed out the photos to random charleston photos I’ve taken, but for now I love having family  pictures here. I am obsessed with my pink mixer that my friend Sarah sent me as a surprise!! Yes, it’s vintage. 😀This was a complete “gut” job. You can see my original post if you are interested. I found a picture that had a place to store cookbooks above the stove and we went with it, amongst a bunch of amazing kitchens my husband Mat found. I’m kind of crazy over books, so anywhere I can store them I will! Originally Mat didn’t like the idea but I think he loves it now. And yes, the stove is original. 1954 Chambers. I love it. It’s so ridiculous because I hate cooking. haha!
I was really against a traditional backsplash. Every time I visit the rice mill building I talk about how much I love the pressed tin ceilings! This is our kitchen backsplash. This radio came from urban outfitters. It’s my favorite color!These cute coasters came from downtown at the market at Marion Square in Charleston! I wish I could remember the girl who made them. They have vintage wallpaper underneath. I am sure you could buy supplies to make these but it’s one of those things you need time for! I love the colors and patterns she picked.Chair: urban outfitters. Pillow, from my friend Leslie!
These were in my room when I was little. I know they were my mom’s but I am not sure who had them before her. I have always loved them and they remind me of mom so I have them over my desk.My next venture! My aunt anna is an amazing seamstress and I can’t wait for her to teach me. I am so thankful for her!This is where I’m working these days! It’s our piano/guitar/sitting room. I will eventually put my sewing machine on the desk here when we move out to the studio.

Mat surprised me one day with the dress form from the antique store on maybank. I pretty much flipped out! haha. It was so perfect for this dress (I found on ebay) and I added the pink flower pins from banana republic.I found these milk glass vases on etsy! Mat found this light from the sustainable warehouse in n. charleston for $3!
Last but not least…..Holy Cow, I flipped when I found these old records!!! Big band music! A few from Ella Fitzgerald. I thought I was going to cry. haha! Now I just need a record player that plays “78’s.” 

  • Chrissy Bennett - OH MY GOSH I am in LOVE!! Your house looks amazing… You guys have done such a great job! Love love love!

  • Jennifer - Just beautiful, Juliet! Love everything you’ve done!

  • Holly - WOW!!! I love every single element and your sense of style and design! Each room is sooo inviting and peaceful… makes me want to come over for tea and listen to Ella Fitzgerald. Now we gotta find you a record player! 🙂

  • juliet - Thanks girls! I need to have a vintage party soon! 😀

  • Angie - Beautiful, Julie.

  • bethany cox - SO So Pretty Juliet!!! I absolutely love it. How does the fridge look in the kitchen? I need that view.