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Decorating….. a little at a time!

I am in love with my new furniture!!! I spend SO much time in my office editing and I am one of those people that is very affected by my surroundings. I was determined to make it bright and cheery and very “me.” It’s a bit sparse right now on the walls, but I’m about to put in an order for prints! I’m super excited about this. I’ll take some shots when all my images are up.

Here is a peek into where I work every day. 😀


  • Leslie Walker - It looks awesome Juliet!!! 😀

  • Miz LIz - GURL!! I love that couch. How fun. Great space to be creative.

  • isabelle - love it!

  • Gina Calvin - Well, I saw it in the box, but it looks great put together! 🙂 I hope you order some of YOUR photos for the prints on the wall!!!! Because your photos are AWESOME!!!!!