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Camera bags, dress code, & taking photos

These come from the lovely Isabelle:

Q:What do you find is the best way to change lenses quickly so that you don’t miss that perfect moment (with the perfect lens).  Multiple cameras? Bags? Skillz?

A:I LOVE LOVE LOVE my shootsac. For the longest time I wouldn’t buy one because I thought it was trendy….Um, then I realized just why it was so popular. This thing is awesome! It conforms to your body so you can move around and shoot without feeling like all your lenses are going to fly out of your bag. It’s made of neoprene (like a surfers wetsuit), so it’s stretchy and “can” hold the largest lens I have, my 70-200. (I never do that because it’s too heavy, but I could!).

I don’t like carrying multiple cameras. They just get in way and I can’t move as well. It’s really easy to change out lenses with a shootsac.

Skillz? Yes. I have dropped lenses getting in a hurry so be careful!

Q:Is there a dress code for photographers at weddings? Dark colors, not too fancy, fancy, etc.?

A: I am not sure if there is a universal code for this, but I know many photographers wear black for a reason. You don’t stand out as much, so it’s easier to get candids without people paying as much attention to you, if you have to get on the floor or ground you won’t get as dirty, and if you sweat? You get the picture.

I usually always wear black pants with a top I like (that is sometimes a color because I don’t like black all the time). I sometimes wear a dress if I’m bored of that! Just to mix it up, but it it usually long.

Q:When do you think you get the best pictures? And how do you achieve that?

A: If you mean the time of day, I prefer later in the evening, maybe a few hours before sunset. The light is beautiful then!! People say the same about early in the morning….I’m not a morning person, so that usually isn’t an option for me. haha!

If you are talking about for a wedding….I think it is so important to get to know who you are working with. When you do that, people trust you, feel like you are their friend and they are more relaxed! This is the best for photos. I like to joke with people and make them laugh…that takes the awkwardness out of how people feel. It’s a funny thing having your photo taken. You almost feel “exposed” like the photographer is judging you. We need to make sure people know we are NOT doing that! I genuinely love people, so I always want people who hire me to know I am doing this for THEM. That makes the difference.

See the image below….I was pretty darn close to them! We all got along well and this cute couple felt very comfortable. (This session hasn’t been posted yet, but it’s coming soon!).