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Books and Perspective

This time of year always gives me time to reflect and think about my life and my business. I am still working (more than I’d like since I need a huge break!), but I am determined to find time for introspection….on my life, my purpose, why I’m doing this.

It all started with an email I received from Weddings Unveiled in December (sorry girls I’m almost done!!), asking me to answer “interview” questions for their blog. I was very excited about this. I love to write and I thought it would be great to share myself and my business for people who don’t know me. So what seemed like a list of questions I could have done in an hour, turned into a month of thoughtful reflection….not just about my business, but also my life. What seemed like the most straight-forward topics, forced me to really dig deep.

At the same time I had been reading 2 books and then later picked up a third, that have helped me focus on all of this. I am not done with any of the 3, but I will tell you they are ALL excellent!! They will help you beyond the technical side, think more creatively for yourself and your clients, view the world just a bit differently.

I highly recommend all 3:

Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision
Expressive photography: The Shutter Sisters Guide to shooting from the Heart
Visual Poetry: A Creative Guide for Creating Engaging photographs