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25 Random things..

I posted this on my old blog…For those of you who didn’t get to see it, I am reposting!

I recently had a birthday and getting all these cards and phone calls from friends and family made me reflect on my life. It happened right around a day or 2 of the “25 random things about me” notes that are floating around on facebook. I started writing them and thought, this would be a great blog post! Things about me that you may or may not know, may or may not be interested in, but it’s part of who I am.
Even if you don’t ever publish a list like this about yourself, it’s fun to do. It really makes you THINK. Okay, so here goes!

1. I am a Christian but I haven’t always been. Ask me about my tarot card past.

2.I am a very picky eater…organic all the way. Watch this and you’ll do the same thing:

3.I LOVE to sing….unfortunately I am very shy about it, but I plan to bust out of this before I die. This reminds me….I met a few guys once that wanted to have a band. We got together about 5 times. I LOVED it. What a release. Unfortunately, it never panned out. Anyone want to start a band? 🙂

4.I love hello kitty and blythe dolls. Yes, I realize I am not 12.

5.My mom’s cancer has changed me and my life forever.

6.I love to make people laugh, including myself. (I can be very silly…beware!).

7.I have the most amazing hubby, family and friends. The circle seems to be growing….I think I have more friends than I’ve ever had…..they have lots of nicknames for me: Jules, Jule, Julie.

8.I love to write. I think writing by hand is a lost art….I love journals and new sharp pencils.

9.I want to learn to surf. I am a beachgirl….the ocean and sand are heaven to me.

10.I am not sure if I want kids. I love them….just not sure.

11.I was very shy growing up. I had to learn to be more social. Even now, if I spend too much time alone, I become a little introverted, melancholic.

12.I have changed my haircolor many times from blonde, to red, to dark brown, black, back to blonde.

13.People always think I look familiar or they have met me. I think I have more than one twin…… Kind of weird but cool in the fact that it seems to make others comfortable with me. I love that.

14.I love clothes. Not name brands, just stuff I love because it’s different and cute—I want to learn to sew.

15.I have a skateboard. I am surprised I haven’t killed myself on that thing.

16.I have always been artistic.

17.I think WAY too much. It sometimes keeps me awake at night…Do not let my childlike demeanor fool you…..I love deep conversations about life, people, spirituality and can talk about these things for hours.

18.I can’t stand snobby people… take, people are NOT born that way. Be YOURSELF.

19.I want to be remembered when I die as someone who was kind and loving.

20.I hate to cook. If I was rich, I would hire a chef!

21.I love gifts and love giving them.

22.I like to match my socks to my outfit even if you can’t see them.

23.I sometimes “sing” answers when people ask me questions.

24.I am not a fan of makeup but I am pretty obsessed with skincare. I grew up at the beach and was always very tan….saw a scary wrinkled lady once who looked like that woman on “something about mary.” That did it for me. Sunscreen is my friend.

25.I like to make up my own words…..I might call you a pootypop head if you make me mad. Haha!!

  • Darrell Brock - You are funny! Good idea for a post. I am working on a things I love post.

  • Ann Macdonald - man, oh man I didn’t know it was your birthday!!! I am sorry I missed it…I hope it was a great day and I would to celebrate a belated bday with you soon!!!